About us

AvatarMobi is an ad tech company with primary focus on the global app ecosystem and provides data-driven solutions for advertising and monetization. By using the proprietary technology, we can implement clients media strategies and engage users across all channels and devices. We offer only the best ads with data analytics and machine learning algorithms.

Mobile advertisers

  • New source
    We are constantly updating our database.
  • Variety of Ad Units
    Display, Offerwall, Video, Interstital, Popup.
  • Advanced Technologies
    Inhouse tracking software
    and multilevel anti cheat
  • High Quality
    We are focused on your best customers only.
  • Performance Marketing
    You pay for result only.

Mobile developers

AvatarMobi provides different campaigns from multiple verticals targeted to your user base.

  • Quick Set Up
    Quick and easy SDK integration, for iOS, Android.
  • Tracking and Statistic
    Easily manage and monitor your performance directly from your dashboard.
  • Great Control
    The ad units can be changed without updating the SDK or re-submitting the app, and new units are made available on a regular basis.

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